Red Light Cameras Here to Stay

Aug 05, 2011 at 06:06 am by bryan

The red light cameras in Murfreesboro have a new lease on life. The camera company that provides the cameras have just signed a new contract with Murfreesboro that will keep the cameras in place for another five years. The cameras are at six different intersections.

According to the contract, the cameras will photograph motorist who run a red light and then the company mails the motorist a $50-ticket. The cameras are installed at South Church at Middle Tennessee Boulevard, Memorial Boulevard at Northfield Boulevard, Rutherford Boulevard at Mercury Boulevard, Old Fort Parkway at Thompson Lane, Broad Street at Church Street, and Broad Street at Northfield Boulevard.


Since the start of the red light camera program, Murfreesboro has issued over 44,000 citations. The program started in 2008. 

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