Talks of Middle Tennessee Electric buying Murfreesboro Electric continue

Sep 02, 2015 at 08:20 am by bryan

Talks between the City of Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee Electric are expected to continue. The discussion involves the purchase of Murfreesboro Electric by Middle Tennessee Electric.

That was Middle Tennessee Electric President Chris Jones. If the purchase is made in the future, it means that Murfreesboro Electric will no longer be under the direct discretion of the City of Murfreesboro. In other words, Middle Tennessee Electric is member owned while Murfreesboro Electric is part of Murfreesboro Government.

The price tag for the purchase...

Jones stated that employment pay for Murfreesboro Electric employees would not decrease, nor would employment incentive packages that include vacation and insurance.

Read the previous release and statement by Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation HERE.

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