Oakland High Earns Coveted Financial Education Award

Aug 17, 2011 at 02:24 pm by bryan

Oakland High School has been named a Blue Star School for its students’ exceptional performance on the 2010-2011 Financial Literacy Certification Test. The award is given annually by the organization Working in Support of Education, more commonly known as W!SE.

Oakland principal Bill Spurlock said the award is significant considering that Tennessee’s foreclosure rate consistently ranks among the highest in the nation.

“With the personal finance course becoming mandatory in 2009, we’re helping educate our students on financial responsibility,” Spurlock said

To earn the coveted award is no small feat, according to W!SE. Only 118 schools nationwide were named Blue Star Schools for 2011. A school must achieve a 75% passing rate on the test and have either a majority of students on a given grade level take the test OR have the students who took it achieve an average score of 80% or higher.

“We are truly proud of your students’ accomplishment. We are equally proud of you and the teachers in your school who helped them become Certified Financially Literate. Because of your dedicated and tireless commitment, you have given them vital knowledge about their personal finance. You have also provided them with the tools they need to become financially capable young adults,” said David J. Anderson, vice president of W!SE.

All Blue Star schools will be honored at W!SE’s annual MoneyPower Conference for Financial Literacy on Nov. 8.
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