Gallatin Band Burglary at Oakland

Sep 12, 2011 at 04:35 pm by bryan

Burglars stole cell phones, iPods and other personal items from Gallatin High School band students left on two open buses Friday at Oakland High School, a school resource officer said.

The band students compiled a list of the stolen items Monday afternoon, said Oakland High School SRO Bobby Farley, who reported the burglary Friday night. Loss was estimated at about $3,000. Band buses owned by Sumner County Schools were parked near Patriot Drive during the game.

“Bus drivers told me that night the buses were left open,” Farley said, adding the buses were left unattended while the drivers watched the ballgame. The bus cameras were off because the bus was not running. One bus lock box sustained about $800 damage, he said.

A witness told Farley he saw a male wearing a red hooded Oakland High School sweatshirt, jeans and a backpack walking near the buses. Farley contacted the bus drivers Sunday about the damages and reminded the SRO Monday to forward him a list of the stolen items. “We did everything we could that night,” Farley said.
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