Mothers Against Drunk Driving License Plates may be going away in Tennessee

Jun 23, 2016 at 09:15 am by bryan

(MADD) needs the public's help. Unfortunately, MADD is in danger of losing their specialty license plate in Tennessee if they do not reach the minimum requirement of 500 plate purchases by June 30, 2016. Tennessee is currently one of only four states offering a MADD specialty plate.

MADD Tennessee's Public Policy chair Norris Skelley says the MADD specialty plate helps raise awareness in the state as to the dangers of drunk driving. "What better place for a message from MADD to be than on the roadways for everyone to see," Skelley said. "Our MADD plates are the only specialty plates with any kind of traffic safety messaging.

If 74 specialty plates are not purchased in communities like Murfreesboro by June 30, MADD will subsequently lose $15,000 in annual funding. Approximately 85 percent of every purchase of a MADD specialty plate goes to MADD and is given back to the community providing victims support as well as aiding the fight against drunk driving. MADD Tennessee's Start Making a Right Turn™ (SMART) program is an example of an initiative to stop underage drinking. MADD SMART is a statewide program to offer classes for teens and parents in an effort to educate them on the dangers of underage drinking

Plates may be purchased conveniently at the Rutherford County Clerk's office or any of the 95 counties in Tennessee at the cost of $35. Those interested can purchase the plates at any time and do not have to wait until their registration is up for renewal.

These specialty plates are also a method of showing support for victims as well as demonstrating that the owner of the plate stands with MADD against drunk and drugged driving. This also provides an opportunity for citizens of Tennessee to play an active role in building awareness for this cause merely by driving a car with a MADD specialty license plate

"The MADD license plate is a great way to empower victims because it draws awareness to the dangers of impaired driving," said Kate Ritchie, State Program Director for MADD Tennessee. "It's powerful because it gives them a tangible opportunity to make a visible statement against it."

For those personally impacted by drunk driving, drugged driving and underage drinking consequences, MADD Victim Services are available at no charge, serving one person every fifteen minutes through local victim advocates and MADD's 24-Hour Victim Help Line, 1-877-MADD-HELP.

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