Concussion Specialist at Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Meet with the Rutherford County Athletic Training Committee

Jul 21, 2016 at 04:53 pm by bryan

On Wednesday, July 20th Dr. Utpal Patel with Murfreesboro Medical Clinic's Internal and Family Medicine department hosted a luncheon for the Rutherford County Athletic Training Committee. As a physician, Patel specializes in treating concussed athletes, and is heavily involved in the local athletic community. During the committee's visit Dr. Patel openly discussed strategic ways to standardize concussion assessments and treatment for athletes in Middle Tennessee.

Among many components of response to injury in sport, it was voiced by Brad Rohling, Coordinator of Athletic Training Outreach Program with NHC Rehabilitation, "The most important steps to be taken post-concussion are to get the student-athlete in quickly, assessed, and in contact with all resources for proper communication."


The group unanimously agreed to Dr. Patel's proposal that the most efficient way to attain these steps is by standardizing processes, evaluations, treatment, and communication across the community. When it comes to treating concussed student-athletes, this is not only important, but necessary. Keeping the student-athlete in proper contact with his/her school faculty, family, and coaches is a crucial step in the student-athlete's recovery. "We want to be sure to take care of the student and the athlete," Rohling concurred.

Upon sharing ideas to meet standardization needs, Dr. Patel received approval and useful feedback from the committee. It is so promising to the community to have physicians and athletic staff team together to invest in the athlete for who they truly are: a whole person. The efforts of this meeting made tremendous leaps to further that vision.

The Concussion Specialist group at MMC is one of the many specialties the clinic has to offer. With over 25 departments and more than 70 physicians, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is a trusted partner in treating an individual's health care needs.

For more information about The Concussion Specialist group, Internal and Family Medicine, or other departments at MMC, please visit or call 615-893-4480.

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