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Sep 26, 2011 at 06:50 pm by bryan

Anyone can advertise on WGNS RADIO! For the best prices and best options customized to fit the needs of your business, call Danny Page or Bryan Barrett. Danny can be reached at 615-973-9163 and Bryan can be reached at 615-396-7667.

You can also purchase commercials online. Simply "click" and "buy." After the purchase is made, send a commercial script to Scott Walker ( and he will produce your commercial and email you the final product. After your approval, the commercial will go on the air for the broadcast time you choose (below). 

Note: Commercial production will not begin until the "buy" has been completed. 

Morning News: WGNS morning news is a segment that has been on the airwaves since 1947. Every morning WGNS broadcast local news to our listeners between the hours of 6AM and 8:50AM. This package includes one commercial per day, Monday thru Friday for a 30-day period. 

Length of Spot
Swap and Shop: Swap and Shop is another program that has been on the airwaves since 1947. Every Monday - Friday morning, listeners call in items that they have for sale or trade. SOLD OUT

G. Gordon Liddy: The G. Gordon Liddy show is one of our most popular programs. The G-Man always dishes up exciting news for our listeners. This package includes one or two commercials per day, Monday thru Friday for a 30-day period. The commercials air between 9AM and 11:45AM.
:30-Second Commercials
Mid-day News: WGNS' Zack Troutman and Bryan Barrett put together today's latest news stories for listeners to digest. The noon news break is between the hours of 11:45AM and 1PM. This package includes one commercial per day, Monday thru Friday for a 30-day period. 
Length of Spot
SPECIAL*OES: Our OES package includes 52-commercials that air in a single week between the hours of 4AM - 5AM, 9AM-11:45AM, 1PM-2PM and 9PM-5AM. This package gives advertisers more bang for the buck. This package works because of how repetative the commercials are in a week. This is an excellent choice for retailers planning a one day or one week sale. 
Length of Spot
The Truman Show: Former Rutherford County Sheriff Truman Jones touches base on current and past issues and interacts with WGNS listeners every Monday thru Friday afternoon at 2. SOLD OUT

Afternoon News: SOLD OUT

Coast to Coast: Coast to Coast with George Noory is one of the most popular late night programs in America. The show touches base on out of body experiances, UFO's, government cover-ups and more. The program airs every Monday thru Friday evening between the hours of 9PM and 5AM. Your commercial will be heard four times each night/morning. There is only one option for this package and that is the four commercial option for $400 per every 30-days. 
Note: Send commercial script and your ideas for your spot to Scott Walker after the commercial air time purchase has been made. He will email you your finished commercial after it is produced. After you approve the spot, it will go live and on the air. Email Scott at
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