City Council authorizes contract for Athletic Lighting at Richard Siegel Soccer Park

Nov 10, 2016 at 09:06 pm by bryan

City council met Thursday night to discuss recommendations from the Parks & Recreation department.

The requests were for authorizing a contract for athletic lighting at the Richard Siegel Soccer Park and Old Fort Tennis Complex, moving forward with a park master plan in contract for development of the West Park on the McDonald property in west Murfreesboro, and requesting a change order regarding the future Jordan Farm Soccer Practice Facility which is in Phase 1 of construction. NewsRadioWGNS' Jackson Jones has more...


We spoke with Parks & Rec Interim Director Angela Jackson about the contracts..

Council approved all requests and will move forward with the projects.

Council approval authorizes the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department to contract with Knight Electric for lighting four additional soccer fields at Richard Siegel Park and eight additional tennis courts at Old Fort Park.

"The addition of four more lighted fields at Richard Siegel Park will greatly enhance our ability to accommodate the expansion of the sport of soccer in Murfreesboro," said Jackson. "Adding lighted fields will also allow for better field rotation to reduce the wear and tear on the fields."

Richard Siegel Soccer Complex and Community Park is a 130-acre complex which plays host to some of the most prestigious events in the country, including the Tennessee Soccer State Championships and the TSSAA State Soccer Championships. The complex currently has one lighted stadium field and eight lighted regulation fields.

The contract for athletic lighting also includes eight more lighted courts at the Old Fort Tennis Complex located near the Adams Tennis Complex.

In other council news, the city approved a request from the Assistant City Engineer regarding the Estates of Primm Springs, a request from the Assistant City Manager regarding a contract with Kennan/Calhoun workshop for architectural services on the Public Safety Training Facility, and heard from the Purchasing Department Director for a Department Update.

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