Turney Center Prison / Industrial Complex Disturbance on Sunday in Tennessee

Apr 11, 2017 at 06:46 am by bryan

Four of the 16 inmates involved in Sunday's disturbance have been moved to Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, while the other 12 remain at Morgan County Correctional Complex, a maximum security facility in East Tennessee. Inmates Michael Mills #450434, Nicholas Durant #534795, Victor Sparkman #478468, and Ronnie Akins #420016 were moved as a result of the ongoing investigation into yesterday's incident.

The incident began in a housing unit at approximately 4:00pm Sunday afternoon. During the course of the disturbance, two officers were stabbed multiple times and the third was severely physically assaulted in an unprovoked attack by individuals with suspected gang ties. Two of those officers, Lester Ball and Paul Nielsen were removed from the unit immediately. Officer Jesse Shockley was held hostage for approximately three hours. TDOC's Special Operations Unit responded and regained control of the unit without force at approximately 7:00pm, allowing Officer Shockley to be removed without further incident. All three officers were taken by helicopter to a local hospital. Officer Ball has since been released. There were no other injuries. All 16 inmates involved were taken to Morgan County Correctional Complex, a maximum security facility, Sunday night.


The Department continues to work closely with other law enforcement agencies including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which we have asked to assist in the investigation into the events. "I spent time with two of those officers this morning, and we continue to pray for and support the officers and their families. I'd like to thank the numerous community leaders who have reached out to express their support for both the officers and the agency." says Commissioner Tony Parker. "We stand with the brave men and women who serve daily as correctional professionals and we will investigate and vigorously seek prosecution against anyone who threatens their safety."

The Tennessee Department of Correction wishes to thank our government and law enforcement partners for their assistance, including the TBI, Hickman County Sheriff's Office, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.


  1. Cortez, Charles K / 520288 / Aggravated Robbery / 8 yrs Mills
  2. Michael Deon / 450434 / Especially aggravated kidnap, 25 yrs aggravated burglary, Especially aggravated robbery
  3. Hambright, Christopher / 315140 / Schedule drugs II, VI, Drug conspiracy, 8 yrs Aggravated robbery and aggravated assault
  4. Martin, Michael Keyon / 511013 / Attempt contraband in Penal Facility, 18 yrs Attempt Second degree murder, aggravated robbery, attempt forgery, schedule II drugs
  5. Brown, Laquinton / 533453 / Aggravated burglary, 16 yrs Employ of firearms/dangerous felony, attempt voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault
  6. Thomas, Kenneth Deangelo / 262443 / First degree murder, robbery Life
  7. Johnson, TY / 444813 / Robbery, aggravated robbery, 10 yrs, 2 mos, 14 days possession of weapon-convicted felon, reckless endangerment, Deadly weapon
  8. Perry, Deanthony / 511680 / First degree murder Life
  9. Taylor, Travis Eugene / 459438 / Employ Firearm/dangerous felony, 21 yrs voluntary manslaughter
  10. Beechem, Curtis / 427019 / First Degree Murder Life Att Aggravated Robbery
  11. Durant, Nicholas Rico / 534795 / First Degree Murder Life
  12. Sparkman, Victor Sharmell / 478468 / Second degree murder, 33 yrs especially aggravated robbery, especially aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery
  13. Mackey, Casey / 538228 / Employ firearm/dangerous felony, 20 yrs att-first degree murder, evading arrest (flight)
  14. Stevenson, Ryan Clark / 461612 / Att-first degree murder, 15 yrs aggravated burglary
  15. Akins, Ronnie Cortez / 420016 / Aggravated robbery, Life criminal negligent homicide, especially aggravated robbery, first degree murder
  16. Rivers, Lamarquis Cortez / 367359 / Schedule II Drugs (x4), 10 yrs Aggravated burglary, theft of property
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