Murfreesboro City Council, 12-8-11

Dec 08, 2011 at 09:33 pm by bryan

The 2010-2011 budget was once again under the microscope at the December 8th meeting of the Murfreesboro City Council.  A few minor amendments were passed through, but all and all, the city is in excellent shape.  The city will soon switch from standard post to email for issuing bankruptcy notices, and the Federal Transit Authority handed down tougher regulations for the city in regards to drug and alcohol testing for city employees, primarily drivers.  The Water & Sewer Board took care of some major housekeeping, signing contracts to supply uniforms to the department, re-roof a building at the Sinking Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, purchase a tractor and ultraviolet disinfectant lamps, and repave portions of South Church Street from Indian Park Drive to Broad Street.  The Sports*Com and Patterson Community Center will offer buy one, get one individual passes from December 12th to the 31st, and Barfield Park will get a new backstop renovation.  A new gas distribution line will be installed at Murfreesboro Municipal Airport, additional storm drains and asphalt are being laid along Veterans Parkway, and new traffic lights will soon go up at the intersection of New Salem Highway and Veterans Parkway.  Finally, at councilwoman Scales-Harris' suggestion, the city will soon be sending out letters of thanks to all part-time employees, for their contributions in the past year.   

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