Glenda Meredith, Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital's Physician Liason

Feb 01, 2019 at 12:00 am by bryan


Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital's Physician Liaison Glenda Meredith is the February, 2019 Heart for Healing honoree.

Anyone who knows Glenda knows that she leads from the heart. Her passion to connect new physicians into the Murfreesboro community is evident in the work she does each and every day.

Professionally trained as a family medicine nurse, Glenda is uniquely qualified to interact with, understand, and anticipate the needs of our physicians.

You will see Glenda doing everything from taking a prospective physician on a tour of the hospital; to personally introducing a new physician to the providers that will be referring patients to him/her; to personally acknowledging the important life-events that happen to members of the Medical Staff; to making sure that the communities in and around Rutherford county know that we are blessed to have access to the finest medical professionals right here at home.

Glenda has long been the "go-to" person for the physicians of the area and she is an invaluable asset to Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital all because she gives her best each and every day and because she leads from the heart.

Please join us as we celebrate Glenda Meredith for her many talents in meeting the needs of the physicians who care for our patients throughout this community.