DUI Charge Number 6

Jan 23, 2012 at 10:20 am by bryan

DUI number six is what one Murfreesboro man has been charged with. Brian Allan Dumm was taken into custody in the Hooter’s parking lot on Broad Street. After Dumm’s arrest, police and a nurse forcibly withdrew blood from his arm after he refused to consent to a blood alcohol test. Police were able to forcibly draw Dumm’s blood because of a new law in Tennessee that mandates blood be drawn in DUI cases where the offender has been convicted in the past on DUI charges. Prior to 2012, persons accused of DUI had the right to refuse to take a blood alcohol test in which blood is drawn from the accused offender. Now, repeat DUI offenders no longer have the right to refuse a blood test.

In Tennessee, the fourth DUI and any DUI after the fourth is considered a class E felony. A class E felony requires the convicted offender to serve a minimum of 150-consecutive days in jail. There is also a mandatory fine of $3,000 to $15,000. The culprits vehicle can also be seized and the offenders drivers license can be revoked for 5-years. In fact, the offender can have his or her vehicle seized after only the second charge of DUI. 


DUI Offense and Required Punishment Schedule

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