State Representative Sparks Looking Into Big Trucks Throwing Rocks

Jan 27, 2012 at 10:59 am by bryan

State Representative Mike Sparks is working on legislation to make roadways safer from debris thrown by trucks. On the WGNS Action Line Friday morning (1/27/2012), he told of a citizen who was driving along Jefferson Pike this past Wednesday when a rock went through the windshield on his vehicle, bend the steering wheel, glazed the driver's head and the went out the rear window. 

Sparks indicated that big rigs without proper mud flaps throw gravel and rocks into the air. The state representative happened to be in the area investigating complaints of dirt being on the roadway near the landfill when he saw the driver and a deputy talking with the victim. 


As reported on earler WGNS' newscasts, 41-year old Brian Gadford was driving near the landfill on East Jefferson Pike when a rock was propelled through the window on his pickup truck. 

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