Star Favored Gallagher Guitars Moves To 'Boro!

Jan 02, 2020 at 05:32 pm by bryan

(MURFREESBORO) Another business has chosen to move to Murfreesboro. Gallagher Guitars has moved from Wartrace where they were the instrument of choice by notables such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels and Zac Brown.

The company was acquired from the Gallagher family in September 2019 by David Mathis.
Mathis noted, "The legacy of outstanding craftsmanship begun by J.W. Gallagher in 1965 will continue."
He explained that the lead luthier from Gallagher is here to help assure the same level of quality control and hand-crafted excellence.
The music entrepreneur said, "The shop was moved to Murfreesboro to bring Gallagher Guitars into greater public presence, We also plan to add retail space and a performance venue at a nearby location."

He proudly stated, "I learned my first guitar chords on a Gallagher from a man who had a 1967 Gallagher G-50. When I heard the company had closed its doors, I started thinking about what could be done to keep it going."

Mathis approached Stephen Gallagher who had become the third generation of the Gallagher family to head the operation after his father, Don Gallagher, retired. Those discussions led to Mathis purchasing the company with the support of Don and Stephen. The transfer of assets includes all the patterns, molds, and machines that have been used to produce some of the finest acoustic guitars made in America over the last 55 years. Some of the jigs and equipment pieces still used today were originally made by J.W. Gallagher.

"Continuity is important," Mathis said. "We've got all the same molds. We will be making the same models and we plan to have some stock models for inventory in the retail shop. So many people love their Gallagher guitars and the Gallagher family. We understand the responsibility of the stewardship of Gallagher and intend to honor that legacy."

"From the very beginning it has been a team effort," said Don Gallagher, who worked alongside his father until J.W. Gallagher passed away. "My dad always had folks working in the shop who shared his standards and played a significant role in the process. We have helped David locate many of the people who worked with us over the years. It means a great deal to me that the business is continuing."

"We are already repairing and building guitars even as we are finishing the remodeling for the new shop on North Walnut," said Mathis.

And the first guitar to be built in the new shop? "We are already building a Doc Watson model, of course," Mathis said. Buyers have the option to individualize and custom order their guitar.

They are also launching the Gallagher Unplugged music venue to help promote Gallagher and provide a place for Gallagher owners to come and jam. It will also house their showroom, merchandise and schedule for shop tours.
For more information about the Gallagher Guitar Company, visit their website at They are located in Murfreesboro at 118 N. Walnut Street, and their phone number is 615-624-4196.
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