Judge Eischeid Examines Walter Hill Case Closely!

Mar 02, 2020 at 05:11 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) Two Rutherford County Schools' educators remain off the job and without pay while the District Attorney, DCS, and County Schools continue their investigations into allegations of child abuse against Walter Hill Elementary School's Principal Dr. Helen Campbell and Special Needs Teacher Bonnie Marlar.

Court Dismissed Case

Rutherford County General Sessions Court Judge Lisa Eischeid dismissed the cases against the two Walter Hill educators. The judge said . . .

During the court proceeding, Judge Eischeid explained . . .

Video Not Presented To Courts

Again, the judge stated, "There was no evidence child abuse or neglect"--and the judge dismissed the case. The material used in the case was presented to the courts by detectives as well as the district attorney's office. And the much talked about video of the incident, was not presented as evidence.

Rutherford County Schools

In the meantime, two Rutherford County educators are entering their fifth month without pay as the result of an investigative suspension that was put in place by County School's Director Bill Spurlock.

Using the exact words of a written statement from Rutherford County Schools, "Law enforcement investigated multiple reports from concerned employees at the school about an alleged physical altercation that had occurred between the school's principal, a teacher and a student. After reviewing video footage of the incident, detectives initiated charges of child abuse against both employees."

Judge Eischeid noted there was not enough evidence . . .

County Mayor Ketron

As Rutherford County Schools, the DA, and DCS continue their investigations, County Mayor Ketron noted, "I do hope the School Board will consider the court's disposition as they work to complete their internal investigation and move forward with any actions regarding these educators, but they are a capable governing body and I trust they will make the right decision for all involved."

The County Mayor is also concerned about the impact this case is having on the morale with current teachers, as well as both new and future educators . . .

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