County Votes To Appeal Chancellor's Mosque Ruling

Jun 11, 2012 at 10:14 pm by bryan

The Rutherford County Planning Committee held a late night meeting on Monday (6/11/12), and around 10:00 o'clock voted to seek an appeal to the earlier ruling by Chancellor Robert Corlew.

As you recall, on Tuesday, May 29th, Judge Corlew ruled that the county did not give proper public notice when approval was given for zoning and building permits were granted for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to construct a mosque on Bradyville Pike at Veals Road.


The judge's decision that "the public meeting law was was violated, because adequate public notice was not given"-- therefore the permits to build the mosque were essentially voided.

Federal authorities stepped-in earlier, and reportedly are watching the Rutherford County Commission very closely. The Monday night (6/11/12) planning committee decision must go before the full commission. The monthly meeting of the Rutherford County Commission will be 6:00 o'clock this coming Thursday night (6/14/12) in the historic Rutherford County Courthouse. 

It will more than likely be a moot point, because some predict that when the appealls process unfolds--the almost completed mosque will be finished. 

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