Celebrate LITERACY!

Jul 06, 2012 at 11:04 am by bryan

Before the new school year starts, join local non-profit Read To Succeed, Olive Branch Church, Linebaugh Library and United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties to celebrate literacy. On August 4th, Rutherford County will celebrate its first Literacy Day, aimed at raising awareness of this important issue that effects the community on several levels.

At nine in the morning August 4, everyone is invited to join in a march beginning at Central Magnet School and ending at the Civic Plaza. There, community resources for improving literacy will be on hand to discuss available services, and guest speakers will address the many ways in which literacy intertwines with the overall strength of our community.


In Rutherford County, 44 percent of adults read at or below the average third grade level. Ten percent read at or below the first grade level. Thirteen percent don’t have a high school diploma. More than 12 percent live below the poverty level.

Literacy is vitally important to our community; it directly affects our economy, our community’s educational attainment, and the health of our society. Literacy day, says Read To Succeed Executive Director Lisa Mitchell, is an opportunity to raise awareness that improving literacy improves all aspects of our lives and makes us a stronger community.

Olive Branch Church Pastor Vincent Windrow says that improving literacy rates is a community effort.

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