Tuesday Swap'n Shop

Jul 31, 2012 at 08:39 am by bryan

For Sale: 3 wheel bike; love seat; white double bed (no mattress or springs) 752-2816

For Sale: 13-inch color TV 893-7630

Yard Sale: 2-family Thu-Sat (8AM-6:30PM) 602 Murfreesboro St. 893-7357

Found Dogs: 3 dogs wandered in during a recent storm (Compton Rd.-Halls Hill Pk. Area) 895-6823

For Sale: Betty Boop telephone; bedroom suite $150; armoire $100 336-5004

For Sale: Humphrey gas light $35; 4 wooden trays with holder $30; 4-inch aluminum milk can salt and pepper shaker 631-6930

Wants: female small dog to a good home 890-2713

For Sale: 3 male donkeys $50 each; 3 pair of Call ducks $20 each 848-3590

Wants: Drake melons or seeds 893-5643

For Sale: queen size box springs and mattress 577-6746

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