Jennifer Pomeroy Off To Prison For Death Of Infant

Aug 20, 2012 at 06:30 pm by bryan

On Monday (8/20/2012) Jennifer Pomeroy plead guilty to child endangerment, along with four best interest guilty pleas dealing with attempted aggravated child neglect, reckless endangerment, reckless homicide, and attempting to file a false report.

As a result, Pomeroy received reduced sentence in the 2010 death of 15-month old Annalee Adkins. As a result of a plea bargain, she received a 15-year sentence as opposed to a possible 25-years in prison. However, in reality--Pomeroy will probably be locked-up only 5-years and serve the remaining time on probation.


Jennifer Pomeroy stared blankly with no comments as she was lead away from Judge David Bragg's courtroom.

The little Adkins' infant was left on the backseat floor of Pomeroy's vehicle while the former La Vergne daycare owner took one teen to school and then returned home with four other small children crowded into her 5-passenger car. 

The prosecution of Jennifer Pomeroy comes within weeks after two other infants tragically died of heat suffocation while left in a vehicle in Smyrna and one child died in a hot vehicle in Hermitage. 


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