Tennessee has had 223 Data Breaches, Impacting the Personal Information of 9.6 Million

Aug 12, 2020 at 11:07 am by WGNS

Tennessee has had 223 data breaches affecting 9.6 million user records since 2005, according to a study by CompariTech.com.

Data breaches are common in headlines these days, but they are not equally spread out in terms of location. Data breaches occur far more often in some US states than others, and the number of records lost or stolen varies as well.

Comparitech analyzed the number of data breaches from 2005 to present to find out which US states suffer the most. The group looked at both the number of data breaches and the number of records exposed.

The number of those affected by the breach is far different from the number of breaches that occurred.

California for example had 1,777 data breaches since 2005. Those 1,777 breaches put the personal information of 5.6 billion people at risk.

Going back to Tennessee… the number of 223 breaches put the information or data of over 9.6 million people at risk.

The cost of a record for all of the years up to 2018 is set according to the annual Cost of a Data Breach study dating back to 2014 – $148. There was no clear trend in cost per record between 2014 and 2018, so we used the 2014 report’s figure for years prior. For 2019/20 figures, CompariTech.com used IBM’s updated Cost of a Data Breach study which put the cost per record at $150. 

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