RUTHERFORD COUNTY SCHOOLS: Smyrna Elementary School Quarantine

Aug 21, 2020 at 04:21 pm by WGNS

Smyrna Elementary School will re-open on Monday after being closed due to COVID-19. This news was confirmed on Friday after additional guidance was received Thursday at the Rutherford County Schools district office in Murfreesboro.

The additional guidance revolved around the Tennessee Department of Education and contact-tracing and quarantining.

James Evans, the spokesperson of the schools, said that it was determined that Smyrna Elementary School can reopen Monday and parents of students have been notified. Now, only those who are symptomatic will remain quarantined.

As previously scheduled, Christiana Middle School will reopen to in-person learners on Monday as well after COVID-19 setbacks.

All Rutherford County Schools will be open Monday for both distance-learning and in-person learning.


A Rutherford County School has reported that approximately 53 students are having to be quarantined, due to possible exposure to COVID-19. Because of the high number of kids impacted, Smyrna Elementary is changing to distant learning as opposed to in classroom education, but the change is short-term.

James Evans with the Rutherford County School headquarter office told parents with children at Smyrna Elementary on Tuesday that 53 students and eight teachers were either showing potential symptoms of COVID-19 or they were in close contact of someone who is showing symptoms.

The schools did contact tracing to determine which students should go on quarantine with ties to the same neighborhood or through students sharing the same bus route.

Because of these high numbers and to mitigate any additional exposure, Smyrna Elementary School will switch to distance-learning through Tuesday, Sept. 1st. This means all students at Smyrna Elementary School will switch temporarily to distance-learning through Tuesday, Sept. 1.

The county schools confirmed that the temporary distance-learning scenario is part of the containment and mitigation plan for COVID-19.

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