Fake ID Case in Murfreesboro - Subject Identified

Sep 17, 2020 at 03:47 pm by WGNS News

Detectives in Murfreesboro working fraud cases involving the same individual were able to identify their culprit, thanks to those who took the time to view the above photo and the video below this story.  

Evidently, the suspect created a fake ID with the ID number and date of birth that belongs to one person and the name and address of another person. The suspect is has a different name all together when compated to the fake ID. 

On July 13, 2020, the suspect used his newly made fake ID to cash a pre-paid check at Tennessee Quick Cash in Antioch. He also forged the victim’s signature in order to cash the check. 

In another case, the same suspect was seen cashing three different forged checks at three separate Kroger locations in Murfreesboro (1. Lascassas, 2. Memorial, and 3. Old Fort Parkway) using the victim's personal info from the first case.

Again, the suspect has been identified and charges are pending as the investigation continues.

If you can help identify the suspect, please contact Detective Jessica Rice at 629-201-5550 or email 0933@murfreesborotn.gov.

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