Swap and Shop For Friday

Oct 16, 2020 at 09:10 am by Producer

Yard Sale And Fish Fry Saturday @ 7....803 Hollygrove, Rd. 615 793 5736 or 615-631-8733


WANTS: electric stove and refrigerator 615-648-1018


WANTS: seasoned firewood 615-848-0463


FOR SALE: old metal barn roofing (like new, you remove it) you can have the 2x6s too 615-890-1545


HELP: brick mailbox needs repaired 615-556-3466


FOR SALE: Sunny health and fitness bike ($130) 615-406-7148


FOR SALE OR trade: SKS rifle (32 round clip); 12 gauge pump shotgun 615-785-5288


Yard Sale: Lynchburge......signs, pistols, old antiques...baseball cars.....931-808-7045


Fist Fry Yard Sale....325 E state Street.... Providence Baptist Church615-477-8538


Yard Sale: 2021 Red Mile RD 615-653-9156


FOR SALE: 3 Large Walnut Trees at Green House Ministries. 615-300-0216