LIVE Music Fridays With Johnny B.

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July 18th Dr. Bill Kraus

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We preview summer events at the historic Sam Davis Home in Smyrna. Next we discuss the Alive Hospice Butterfly Release

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Swap And Shop For Friday

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  LOOKING FOR: 2 Bedroom for rent ($500) has cats and dogs. Near downtown if possible. (615-600-1911)   FOR SALE: 4 (16 inch) rims and trim rings. For a Ford Pick.... Read More

FRIDAY: David Douglas

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FRIDAY: Tricia Patrick

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Thursday, June 17th 2021: Blue Raider Insider Report

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Elder Care Issues

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Bryan and State Rep. Mike Sparks talk to Michael Carnes, CEO of World Inspiration Network and Mariea Lindsey with Comfort Keepers about senior and elder care, especially home.... Read More

Thomas Bucher

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THURSDAY: Sherri Thomas

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THURSDAY:  Sherri Thomas

THURSDAY: Leonard Douglas

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THURSDAY:  Leonard Douglas

Lawn and Garden questions

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Focus on lawn and garden questions with Master Gardener Carol Reese and Extension FCS Agent Shay Davis. 

Swap and Shop for Thursday

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FOR SALE: four 16-inch rims and chrome trim rings for Ford pickup $75 615-542-8522 WANTS: 2 BR home near downtown for rent by mother and daughter, around $500/mo, has cats.... Read More

A.S.T June 16th 2021

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BBB: Summer Travel Tips

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Bud Brandon

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A look into the local jail with guests from the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office

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This morning WGNS dived into the local jail, overseen by the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office. Our guests included Jail Administrator Chris Fly, Captain Brian Elrod and Depu.... Read More

Swap and Shop for Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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FOR SALE: 2007 Ford  f-150 V6 with 45k miles for $8,500. WANT A HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY. Want a Collie Dog. Call me at 615-919-2621 FOR SALE: 66” Zero Turn Mower for.... Read More

WEDNESDAY: Mackenzie at George’s Used Cars

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WGNS Good Neighbor of the Day for Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 Mackenzie at George’s Used Cars is today's Good Neighbor of the Day for being kind, honest and helpful duri.... Read More

Edward Jones financial advisor Lee Colvin: Father's Day Gifts...for your kids

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