Murfreesboro "Odor" Update

Oct 24, 2020 at 09:21 am by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO)  Investigations into odor reports by the on-site team at Middle Point Landfill continue to provide clarity into the sources of odor in the community. There has been steady reporting from the community via the Middle Point website that has helped identify clusters of odor reports.

Middle Point Landfill’s General Manager Jeremy Jernigan notes, “We appreciate the community’s staying informed and involved and continuing to submit detailed odor reports to our team,” said Jeremy Jernigan, general manager of Middle Point Landfill. “These reports have really helped our team identify sources of on-site odor and other potential off-site sources, such as agricultural odors, contributing to the problem.”


Middle Point is continuing to collect data and map reports to establish reporting clusters to determine the source or sources of odor as quickly as possible.

Middle Point has received 60 reports of potential off-site odor within the last week. Of those, 24 reports were unable to be investigated by the team either because they were not provided in real time or close to real time, or because they did not provide enough specific location information. Of reports that were inspected by the on-site team, 10 were potentially attributable to on-site operations and 26 were believed to be attributed to non-landfill sources. Specifically, 14 reports were believed to be potentially related to recent fertilization and agricultural operations in the area.

The community is encouraged to continue sharing as much information on specific odor reports in as close to real time as possible with the landfill team via the Middle Point website at The more data the team has, the better. When submitting a report, please include:

  • Location (address, cross streets or landmark) where odor is detected
  • Time of day when odor is detected
  • Weather or wind conditions at the time
  • Identifying any other potential sources or infrastructure in the vicinity
  • Description of the type of odor detected (sewer, trash, gas or other)

Potency of the odor detected are categorized from 1 [barely detectable] to 5 [high].


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