Independent Senate Candidate Provides Remarks on Presidential Debate

Oct 26, 2020 at 11:00 am by WGNS

Independent Senate Candidate, Yomi “Fapas” Faparusi, congratulates the city of Nashville and Belmont University for hosting a successful and insightful Presidential debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

US Senate candidate, Yomi Faparusi said, “I was so proud of our state and the city of Nashville for the great job everyone did to host the Presidential debate. From law enforcement to the airport authority, security personnel, hospitality, transportation and food and beverage professionals, etc., all made it happen for the candidates and our country.”

Even though Tennessee is still struggling with COVID concerns the last Presidential debate happened without incident and provided American voters a last chance to see the candidates on the same stage before the November 3rd election.

“As a state we are very familiar at hosting large events—from music awards shows, NASCAR races, weeklong festivals and even 100K+ on Rocky Top—we know how to put on a great show. It takes everyone’s cooperation, enthusiasm and volunteer spirit to show the world that Tennessee is a one of the world’s most authentic, capable and hospitable places.” 
Both candidates sparred over policy issues and unlike the first debate, a sense of civility and order ruled the night.

“I was very happy that both candidates played by the debate rules and presented their viewpoints on a variety of issues. The moderator, Kristen Welker did a good job of keeping the debate focused and on a schedule. I doubt any minds were changed after the debate, but I hope all that watched were informed and inspired”, stated Yomi Faparusi, Independent US Senate Candidate from Tennessee.

Those on the Senate Ballot in Rutherford Co. Include:

BILL HAGERTY Republican Party Nominee
MARQUITA BRADSHAW Democratic Party Nominee
YOMI "FAPAS" FAPARUSI SR. Independent Candidate
JEFFREY ALAN GRUNAU Independent Candidate
RONNIE HENLEY Independent Candidate
G. DEAN HILL Independent Candidate
STEVEN J. HOOPER Independent Candidate
AARON JAMES Independent Candidate
ELIZABETH McLEOD Independent Candidate
KACEY MORGAN Independent Candidate