Fire on Murfreesboro Greenway kept Firefighters Busy on Thursday

Nov 20, 2020 at 10:39 am by WGNS News

A vegetation fire kept Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue personnel busy Thursday afternoon. 

Due to high winds and dry conditions, the fire was in a location that was tough to completely smother and if the flames spread, it could have equaled a much more dangerous situation to those enjoying the local trails and eventually spread to nearby homes. In fact, firefighters had to spend nearly two hours working to contain the blaze on the Murfreesboro Greenway.

Battalion Chief Jamie Bigelow said, “The fire was difficult to extinguish due to strong winds and the fact crews had to cut through brush to get to the fire, but personnel worked diligently to keep the fire from spreading further.”

Murfreesboro Fire Marshal Carl Peas says, “I’d like to remind everyone to use extreme caution when weather conditions present an escalated fire risk.” Peas also added “Call daily to get a burn permit and see if burning is allowed in the city.”

For a burn permit, you can contact Community Risk Reduction Division at 615-893-1422. Residents can also check the fire departments social media page for updates on burning. #MFRD
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