Supplies Needed for Special Kids Staff

Jan 26, 2021 at 08:00 am by WGNS

Murfreesboro, TN -- As Special Kids staff continue to provide care within both their therapy and nursing centers to children with complex medical needs, organizational leaders have asked for the public's help in providing required equipment - including "surgical masks" for patient care staff. These masks are approved by the CDC for one-time use only which means our patient care buildings go through approximately 250 masks per week. 

Due to the financial impact of the pandemic, Special Kids is on a “business critical spending plan”. We are requesting donations of surgical masks to decrease the financial strain of purchasing them at such a high volume. Donations will also allow us to reroute the funds to other program expenses that may not qualify as critical but are essential in providing fresh, new experiences for the children we serve.

"Every year we're amazed by how our community steps up to support what we do," said Stephanie Folkmann, Special Kids Director of Development. "We've always placed a priority on the health and safety of all the children we're blessed to serve, as well as our staff. Whatever our supporters can provide will go a long way in continuing that same care."

Any person, business, church congregation or organization is encouraged to reach out to Special Kids by calling 615.890.1003. 

Special Kids is a Christian therapy and nursing center for children with special needs. The Murfreesboro-based ministry started with one child in 1998 and has grown to serve over 4,500 children from 19 counties in middle Tennessee. For more information on Special Kids, please visit or call 615.893.4892.
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