Salute to Veterans: Writing Letters of Everyday Life

Feb 18, 2021 at 04:15 am by WGNS

Writing letters to those recovering in VA Hospital's and medical facilities around the country is a positive way to cheer up someone’s day.

VA Volunteer and Redcoat Kerry Boylan wrote:

Brief History of my letter writing to the VA Residents at the Community Living Center at the Biloxi VA in Mississippi

I have known Jane for just over 4 years and met her at her church Youth Group where I am a volunteer leader.  Immediately I could tell she had a servant heart, an entrepreneurial spirit and huge leadership potential.  Jane has played a huge role in outreach community for her Youth Group.  An example would be bringing several of her friends to pass out water to thirsty shoppers in the height of summer!  Always a winning smile and quiet disposition, Jane is a lively young lady.

Jane has extraordinary influence that is not limited to her peers – very unusual. Several of my older adult friends follow her on Social Media.  An example would be last year Jane had posted her latest community endeavor – A Volunteer with the Veterans Hospital in Biloxi, Mississippi  spending her free time at the Institute for the Blind. Proudly displaying her ID badge, it inspired me so much that I immediately set about becoming a VA Volunteer – which is not easy – it required an application, immunizations and background check and a commitment to show up on a regular basis. 

I got the call to tell me I was accepted as a Red Coat – one of the official volunteers dedicated to greeting and helping the Veterans.  I was so excited to be a “red coat” with Mr. Charlie (who has been a volunteer at the Hospital for several decades, faithfully serving 4 mornings a week manning the front visitors  desk and helping people with a smile.  I did that for several months and then COVID-19 forced the shutdown of everything!  That was when I learned that our veterans love letters and silly jokes!  So, since March I have written many letters and apparently delighted many veterans.    

Hope you like them too!
-Kerry Boylan

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