Middle Tennessee Electric urges spring storm preparedness and safety

Mar 25, 2021 at 02:16 pm by WGNS

Everyone loves sunny, warm days in spring. However, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) urges members to be weather aware and not forget we’re in the spring storm season when the formation of supercell thunderstorms is most likely for our area. These are storms capable of spinning up large, deadly tornadoes.

Last year, tornado deaths in Tennessee totaled 27. Of that number, 24 fatalities were due to the tornadoes that hit the Nashville area, Wilson, Smith and Putnam Counties on March 3. Those tornadoes tracked for miles, packed winds more than 165 mph and at times spread 800 yards wide. Billions of dollars in damage and widespread power outages were left in their wake.

“Tennessee has experienced many deadly storms in the March-through-May timeframe over the years,” says Chris Jones, President and CEO of Middle Tennessee Electric. “We know severe weather will hit us again, so awareness and preparation are our best defenses. “

When meteorologists warn that conditions are right for severe weather, pay attention. Take storm watches and warnings seriously.

Before storms hit, invest in a battery-operated weather radio. Prepare a storm survival kit - keep it stocked with canned food, bottled water, extra batteries, portable device rechargers and first aid supplies. Sign up for myMTEMC, the free app, to report outages and receive important updates.

After the storm, stay away from downed power lines. They could still be energized. You don’t have to touch one to be shocked ... being near one is also a threat. Report lines on the ground to MTE immediately.

If there’s an outage and you use a generator, don’t operate them in enclosed spaces, because of carbon monoxide. Plug appliances directly into the generator after pulling the main breaker. When using a portable generator, remember the danger posed to MTE crews by possible back-feeds.

When severe weather occurs, Middle Tennessee Electric’s Control Center monitors the health of its grid 24 hours per day, seven days per week and can route power around damaged portions of the system and dispatch crews immediately when needed.

In the event of an outage, you can report it in several ways; call the MTE automated Outage Line at 877-777-9111, or Member Services at 877-777-9020. You may also report an outage via MTE’s myMTEMC mobile app or web portal.

For more information or assistance, please contact Middle Tennessee Electric at 877-777-9020 or via the company website at www.mtemc.com.

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