Oakland's Mansion and Uncovering Historic Information on Slavery in Murfreesboro

Apr 08, 2021 at 02:37 pm by WGNS

Photo by Scott Walker

Oakland's Mansion has been a museum for over 60-years in Murfreesboro. The historic home allows visitors to step back into time and gain a better understanding of what life was like in the early to mid 1800's.

The home that sits on Maney Avenue was a working plantation in the 1800's. It was originally built on over 200-acres of land that was worked by a large number of slaves, owned by the Maney family...


That was Oakland's Mansion Executive Director James Manning. He told WGNS NEWS that he wants to uncover more of the history surrounding the mansion, which includes finding descendants of the those who worked on the property nearly 200-years ago. 

Historic information about Oakland's will continue to grow as more descendants of the enslaved are located. Manning hopes that an upcoming reunion will lead to even more detailed data...

One of the goals is to tell the stories and life accomplishments of the African Americans who worked a lifetime at Oakland's to create the historic site that is a museum today. 

If you have information that could help expand historic findings to paint a more detailed picture of life in the 1800's, you are encouraged to contact Oakland's Mansion (visit their website). 

The video below highlights some of the research being conducted by Oakland's Mansion:

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