Red Carpet Movie Premiere for "AM RADIO", Starring Omar Gooding at AMC in Murfreesboro This Friday - Filmed in Rutherford County

Apr 20, 2021 at 09:57 am by WGNS

A new movie is being released that was filmed in Murfreesboro. The movie focuses on AM Radio and many of the scenes were captured in the WGNS Radio Studios on South Church Street.

The movie’s Red Carpet Premiere will be at the AMC Theater that is located in the Stones River Mall this Friday (April 23, 2021).

Starring in the film is Omar Gooding, the brother of Cuba Gooding, Jr. He plays the character of “DJ Taz,” a late-night talk show host who has listeners that hang-on to every word he says.

The movie was directed by Ricky Burchell.

The Plot:

The once-famous celebrity disc jockey, DJ Taz, falls hard from his days of fortune and glory to find himself left behind in a world in which he no longer feels that he belongs.

Now employed as a late-night AM radio DJ at his friend, Tony’s, struggling station, the embittered Taz often uses the mic to bemoan the condition of the world he finds himself in. His anger can easily be evoked to embark on tirades against his callers for being complicit in what he understands as the problems with the world.

His outbursts over the air frequently put the station in jeopardy and push his friendship with Tony to the breaking point.

Until one day a beautiful voice on the line simply says, “I understand” and begins to cut through the hard exterior of the radio personality and inspire a new listening audience around the country when their nightly conversations go viral.

Get Tickets for This Friday in Murfreesboro:

Tickets are available now for a special movie premier that will take place at the AMC theater in the Stones River Mall this Friday. Click here for ticket information.

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