Students Receiving College Credits in Nutrition at Riverdale High School

May 21, 2021 at 09:22 am by WGNS

Juniors and Seniors at Riverdale High School are now focusing on nutrition at the college level, as explained by Dr. Janet Colson, professor of nutrition and food sciences at MTSU…

Jamie Brown teaches the nutrition course at Riverdale High School. Brown told WGNS that students as young as 13 are encouraged to choose a Certified Pathway that could lead to college credits and better job skills upon college graduation…

Students also have an op opportunity to take a Tennessee Department of Education Industry Certification Exam. If passed, the student could potentially earn three more college credits, in this case the credits are under the Dietetics and Nutrition headline.    

After the student completes the nutrition program and graduates from Riverdale High School, the college credits earned can aid in a degree for someone wanting to become a Registered Dietician or for those who want a career in the food industry.

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