UPDATE: Murfreesboro Police Department is Hiring New Police Officers

Jul 05, 2021 at 01:15 pm by WGNS

Now that the unemployment rate has lowered in recent months, the continued struggle of hiring and keeping good employees continues to be a battle that not only businesses battle, but also government offices.

Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland stated…


Again, there are multiple police positions currently open in Murfreesboro.   

A pre-qualified police officer making a lateral move to Murfreesboro, typically sees a first-year salary of $45,900. However, Murfreesboro is competing with different law enforcement agencies that are also hiring.

As an example, the VA is currently looking to hire new police officers and their pay falls between $45,800 and $59,500 annually. MTSU is also hiring new officers with pay falling between $36,000 and $41,000 annually.

Keep in mind that the pay scale is as different as the benefit packages that go along with the career. Depending on what police force makes the hire, the new officer could receive city, state or federal job benefits.

Other Positions Available:

Murfreesboro Emergency Communications (click here) is currently hiring a Emergency Communications Specialists II. The starting pay for this position is $19.88 per hour. There is also the potential for upward mobility into Training and Quality Assurance positions that come with with increased pay.

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