The Rising Concern of Fentanyl in Street Drugs in Rutherford County

Jun 22, 2021 at 01:47 pm by WGNS


Illegal drug use continues to plague communities like Murfreesboro and the numbers look to only be increasing.

One of the many drugs used on the street is fentanyl, which happens to be one of the most deadly drugs available. A problem that continues to increase is that drug users who buy illegal drugs don't know if they are buying a drug that has been cut with fentanyl. 

Reports indicate that because fentanyl is so much stronger than other drugs, an illegal drug distributor will often use it to mix with other drugs to increase their product, thus increasing their profits.

A local organization known as Steered Straight helps the youth in our community by teaching them negative consequences of bad decisions can be life changing. One of the many bad decisions the group focuses on is the use of illegal drugs. 

Steered Straight's Michael DeLeon told WGNS NEWS...

Earlier this month, four search warrants were drafted by a Rutherford County Sheriff’s detective assigned to the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Task Force in Nashville. The end result equaled 15.7-pounds of fentanyl being seized by authorities, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. 15.7-Pounds of fentanyl is potent enough to kill more than 3.5-million people. 

Sadly, drug overdose deaths involving opioids totaled 1,307 throughout Tennessee in 2018. When you look at fentanyl overdose deaths in the state, the number climbed from 590 in 2017 to 827 in 2018.

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