Rutherford County Schools: New online platform will assist adults wishing to complete diploma

Jul 21, 2021 at 04:41 pm by WGNS


Rutherford County Schools is partnering with Graduation Alliance to make enrolling in its adult high school program more convenient for a greater number of potential students from throughout the community.

Graduation Alliance provides an online platform with open course offerings to meet Tennessee state standards and provide more pathway options for students enrolled in the adult high school.

The hallmark of the program will be the intensive human support students receive during their time in the program. Tennessee-certified teachers will serve as tutors in each content area.

“This is going to provide more opportunities to serve more people in our community,” said Dr. Kay Martin, secondary education coordinator for Rutherford County Schools. “It’s going to meet (students) where they are and help them complete their degree no matter what stage or responsibilities they have in life right now.”

Graduation Alliance will manage the online platform, provide teachers and cover other expenses associated with the program, while Rutherford County Schools will only be responsible for providing accurate attendance — adult learners need to be in attendance four hours a day, four days a week to be considered full-time students — and academic progress data to the Tennessee Department of Education.

The entire program is available 24 hours a day online and those pursuing the degree can access their work from anywhere, which will more easily allow for them to work a full-time job.

Annie Williams, an adult high school specialist for Rutherford County Schools, is available to assist with questions regarding enrollment and graduation.

Her office is located at the John Colemon Elementary School Annex.

To graduate, students must meet the graduation qualifications from the year they were originally expected to graduate. For instance, if someone from the Class of 1999 enrolls in the adult high school, they will be need to meet the ’99 graduation requirements as opposed to the 2022 requirements.


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