Murfreesboro Home Depot Store continues to be Plagued by Shoplifters

Jul 28, 2021 at 09:50 am by WGNS

Shoplifting is never a good thing and leads to increased pricing in the retail world along with stores having to increase security measures.

Police suggest that shoplifters often act alone, while other times a group of shoplifters will form a shoplifting ring. Of course, a shoplifting ring could fall under the category of organized crime. In those cases, a group of shoplifters will travel from town to town hitting multiple stores together.


One of the more recent shoplifting cases in Murfreesboro is believed to have involved only a single shoplifter acting alone. MPD Detectives say the subject walked into the on Old Fort Parkway Home Depot store on July 26, 2021 and walked out with new tools.

Police need the publics help in identifying the suspect, who was captured on an in-store surveillance camera.  The unknown man is accused of stealing two impact wrenches from Home Depot, that were valued at $514. The individual left the hardware retailer in a dark-colored Nissan Sentra, unknown year.

Shoplifters targeting hardware stores comes as no surprise to police, because tools are typcally items that are easy to pawn or sell. Murfreesboro Police Lt. Clayton Williams told WGNS NEWS...

Stolen tools are often sold online through classified websites that include CraigsList, LetGo or Facebook Marketplace. Thieves also sell stolen goods at flea markets and pawn shops. 

If you have any information about who this individual is, please contact MPD Detective Ed Gorham at 629-201-5507 or email your tips to

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