UPDATE: MTSU Needs More Airport Space for Flight Programs - Murfreesboro Doesn't Have Room for MTSU's Aerospace Growth

Aug 11, 2021 at 03:04 pm by WGNS

As Murfreesboro grows, so does air traffic...


That was Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland. Currently, MTSU leases hanger and classroom space from the Murfreesboro Airport, but that will likely change. 

The growing number of airplanes landing at the local airport has led to concerns over the MTSU Aerospace Program having enough space to continue teaching future pilots the basics of flying.

Mayor McFarland said the MTSU flight school, which maintains multiple aircrafts at the Murfreesboro Airport, has grown exponentially...

The growth of Murfreesboro and increased flights in and out of the local airport, combined with the growth of MTSU's Aerospace Program, leaves the university with no other choice...

As for where MTSU will eventually land their flight program is still up in the air. Reports indicate they are currently exploring airport space in Lebanon, Shelbyville and several other cities that have airports with room for expansion.


Greg Van Patten, interim dean for the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, which is what the Aerospace program falls under, told WGNS NEWS...

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