Student's Voice Was Heard at County School Board Meeting on September 7th, Despite Mockery

Sep 12, 2021 at 02:27 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) As reported earlier on WGNS, the Rutherford County Board of Education apologized to Central Magnet Shool junior Grady Knox. In the board's "Moment of Silence" preceding Thursday's meeting (9/9/2021), Chair Coy Young said...

The Sept. 7th meeting that involved adults mocking the Central Magnet School student who talked about the death of his grandmother is cued to the start of his speech below...

While the meeting involved the county schools, the tone set by some of those in attendance reflected poorly on the community as a whole, as noted by Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland...

In addition to the county school board apologizing to the school student who spoke on his concerns over the mask issue, the Rutherford County School board moved forward with the election of a new chair and vice chair. Tiffany Johnson was elected chair and Shelia Bratton was voted as vice chair. 

Mask Mandate

WGNS earlier reported that a 30-day "Mask Mandate" would be put into effect starting this Monday (9/13/2021) and continuing through October 14, 2021. The school board will meet on that date and review the COVID situation and determine what to do next. 

Before presenting the proposal, Vice Chair Shelia Bratton noted the public's ideas were incorporated into the plan...

Here is a brief outline of what the "COVID-19 Quarantine Procedures" approved by the Rutherford County Board of Education. 

The temporary "Mask Requirement" for Rutherford County students and employees is for a period of 30-days, beginning September 13, 2021 and running through October 14, 2021. Parents of students have the ability to opt out.

1. If the average weekly Rutherford County COVID positivity rate is 10 per cent or lower for 3-consecutive weeks, the mandate shall automatically end.

2. If that takes place and the "Temporary Mask Mandate" ceases earlier than 30-days, afterwhich the county's positivity rate reaches 15 per cent or higher, the "Mask Mandate" shall automatically be reinstated.

3. If a masked student comes in contact with another individual who has COVID-19, the masked student shall not be required to quarantine--unless the masked student exhibits COVID-19 symptoms.

4. The "Temporary Mask Mandate" shall be reviewed again at the Rutherford County School board's meeting on October 14, 2021.

The "Temporary Mask Mandate" passed by a vote of five "for" and two "against".


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