HELP WANTED: WGNS Radio is Looking for a Diverse Personality that can Tackle New Digital and On-Air Sales AND Become an On Air Talent

Oct 01, 2021 at 11:27 am by WGNS

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WGNS is Hiring 

WGNS Radio provides more local news than any other media outlet in Rutherford County. With two presets on the FM dial and one on our original AM frequency, we are easy to find on radio. To further serve the area, WGNS is in the process of re-locating one of our FM's to Smyrna, TN. This will allow for better penetration of news, weather, traffic updates and sports into North Rutherford County.

It is widely known that WGNS also has the best digital content in the heart of Tennessee! From local interviews with politicians, non-profit leaders and business owners to local news about everyday people who make an impact on Rutherford County in extraordinary ways – stands out above the rest.

Who WGNS is Looking For?

The fact that WGNS has been around since 1947 is important to us, which is why we want to find the right fit for the job.

Our goal is to hire a community minded individual who has a love for radio, news and sales in both digital and on-air broadcasting. Keep in mind, this is more than a day-to-day job, it is a career that will allow the perfect candidate to become a staple in Rutherford County by way of hosting conversations on-air and online. The future broadcaster / sales advisor will not only master interviews, but also make an impact on the community by covering several news stories each week.

Hiring someone for a multi-purpose expedition is what WGNS is tackling, that is the only way to explain it!

The bottom line... we need someone who is not afraid of meeting new people, hitting the airwaves, as well as hitting the pavement to work with local businesses to help increase a business owners bottom line through radio and digital advertising.

Your Pay

Pay is based on your pending on-air shift, sales performance, news coverage and more. 

In the sales category, commission rates are between 20% to 30%. For on air work, you can expect a base monthly income that will be discussed in person.

Your Background

Experience in sales is a must! This could be insurance sales, radio sales or any other media selling task you may have been successful with in the past.  As for on air work, WGNS would love to find someone with a background in radio, audio editing, interviewing, and/or public speaking. Again, any of those named skills will help to move your resume to the top of the hiring food chain.

WGNS Needs Your Resume

Needless to say, if you think you are the right person for this opportunity, let us know as soon as possible! We will be accepting resumes over the next two weeks. The resumes that rise to the top will equal in-person interviews. 

If you are serious about this opportunity,  it would be good to include in your email an audio recording of yourself talking about how you believe you are the best candidate for the job. This would allow WGNS to hear your best radio voice as well as allowing us to learn more about you. 

Where to Send a Resume

Email Resumes to and in the subject line, simply type “Resume.” 

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