Local school's to hold safety drills for an active shooter and more on September 27th

Sep 16, 2021 at 05:44 pm by WGNS

(L-R) Sgt. Scott Culp, Deputy Kyle Grisham, and SRO Dustin Cox

Being a school resource officer has changed over the years and more than likely, what they train for in schools today, would not have been imaginable in the 1980's and perhaps not even in the early '90's.

Rutherford County School Resource Officer Scott Culp told WGNS News that SRO's will work with school safety teams along with teachers on the week of Sept 20th to prepart for safety drills. The following, SRO's will work with teachers and students together to perform the safety drills. Some of the focus will be on the possibility of an active shooter...

Deputy Kyle Grisham said that SRO's are well trained for the worst possible scenario...

But, it's not just the fear of an active shooter that drives the heart of an SRO. It is also making a positive difference in the lives of students that may be struggling at home or in school. SRO Dustin Cox told WGNS NEWS...

Again, school safety drills will be held in Rutherford County Schools the week of September 27th.




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