Good News: Rutherford County Unemployment Rate Sits at 3.4%

Sep 23, 2021 at 08:35 pm by WGNS

Unemployment rates in nearly all of Tennessee’s counties decreased in August. This marks the second consecutive month the jobless situation has improved in 93 or more of the state’s 95 counties.

Rutherford County has a low unemployment rate of 3.4% for the month of August (2021), which is positive. That is down when compared to the 3.7% unemployment rate recorded in July of 2021. 

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August unemployment rates were lower in 93 counties across the state. The rate in Williamson County remained unchanged from July at 2.6%. Unemployment increased in Maury County from 4.2% to 4.5% in a month-to-month comparison.

Seventy-nine counties recorded unemployment rates of less than 5% for the month. The remaining 16 counties had August rates of 5% or greater, but less than 10%.

Williamson County continued to have Tennessee’s lowest unemployment rate in August. Moore County recorded the second-lowest rate at 2.7%, which was down 0.2 of a percentage point from its July rate.

Shelby County had the month’s highest unemployment rate at 6.7%. While it was the highest in the state, the county’s new rate represented a 0.8 of a percentage point decrease from July. Unemployment in Perry County was the second highest at 6.6%, but that accounted for a 4 percentage point drop from its July rate of 10.6%.

Unemployment statewide improved for the third consecutive month in August. The rate ticked down from 4.7% to 4.6%.

Nationally, the jobless rate also improved in August. It decreased by 0.2 of a percentage point from 5.4% to 5.2%.


This week, there are more than 470,000 open positions across Tennessee. The state is working to help unemployed Tennesseans become TN Work Ready, so they can successfully rejoin the workforce. Job seekers can find a multitude of online and in-person resources by visiting


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