UPDATE: Nashville Police Officers Now Equipped with Body-Cameras / Murfreesboro Police Officers to be the Next Police Department to Introduce Body-Cameras

Oct 04, 2021 at 09:45 am by WGNS

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The Nashville Metro Police Department has completed their move to outfit all officers and the interior of all police vehicles with body-cameras and in-car-cameras. The confirmation of completion was announced late last week.

As of this past Thursday, cameras have been deployed to 1,367 authorized employees that included lieutenants, sergeants, and officers. The police department in Nashville said that all Metro Parks Police personnel are also outfitted with body-cameras. As for the in-car camera systems with multiple angles, they have been installed in a total of 790 police vehicles.

Earlier this year, the Murfreesboro Police Department confirmed that they will be using body-cameras within the next 8-months.

Murfreesboro City Manager Craig Tindall told WGNS the police department is moving forward with the introduction of body cameras for the first time. To make a smooth transition, the police department will have to work closely with the Rutherford County District Attorney’s Office to ensure their computer system is able to handle the influx of video files that will accompany nearly all police department cases…


The cameras are costing the Police Department a little over $300-thousand and will likely be implemented within the next 12-months.

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More on Police Body Cameras

In 2018, the Murfreesboro Police Department examined the idea of utilizing body cameras for their officers. However, the idea never panned out.

Now that body-cameras and file storage is more streamlined, Murfreesboro is moving forward with the camera system and the entire force could be outfitted as soon as soon June of 2022.

Lebanon, TN Started Using Body Cameras in 2018

The nearby city of Lebanon, Tennessee approved the $65,000 purchase of 100-body cameras in 2018. Lebanon Officers started using the cameras by December of 2018.

After several years of lost footage or lost audio, the Lebanon Police Department decided they needed to make a change in the cameras they were using. In August of 2020, the police department announced plans to purchase new cameras that came with better warranty coverage.

Earlier this year in February (2021), the Lebanon Police Department moved forward with not only new body cameras, but also new dash cameras in their fleet of vehicles.  They spent a little more than $750-thousand for a five-year contract with a company called BodyWorn.

Lebanon Police dash cameras will start recording automatically when sirens and lights are activated. The body-cameras will start recording when the officer gets out of the vehicle, thanks to GPS-enabled activation.

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