PHOTO OF THE DAY: A look at Detroit, a city that saw unemployment numbers skyrocket to 47% in June of 2020

Nov 01, 2021 at 08:30 pm by WGNS


by Scott Walker

A more in-depth look at what Detroit looks like in the 2000's.

D-Town was already filled with urban decay and once COVID sank in, the area has fallen even more.

According to a University of Michigan study, Detroit had a pre-pandemic jobless rate of 11%. After COVID-19 came to light, it took a major bite out of what was once nicknamed “The Paris of the Midwest.” Unemployment peaked at 47% in June of 2020 and eventually settled in at 26 to 27% by the end of the year. Workforce numbers today continue to hold at 25% (August 2021).

Currently, 3 in 10 households with children have an adult who is in the labor force, but currently unemployed while living in the Automotive Capital of the World.

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