The exciting life of Senior Citizens in Today's Times - Show aired "LIVE" at Adams Place in Murfreesboro

Jan 05, 2022 at 09:42 am by Producer

(L-R) Jan Height, Terri Deal and Becci Bookner

Hear the WGNS Podcast of this show (1/5/2022) above): WGNS Host Bart Walker (filling in for Truman Jones) is joined by Adams Place Director Terri Deal to talk about seniors today and how active their lives are. Joined with Walker and Deal are Becci Bookner and Jan Height, who further elaborate on the the lifestyle of today's senior citizen. Together, they talk about life being fun, exciting and even adventurous during their retirement years. In other words, today’s seniors see life as fun!

Adams Place
Address: 1927 Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: (615) 904-9111


9 Things to Live Longer and Better

  1. Exercise regularly (around 1.5 hours weekly)
  2. WORK your brain
  3. INTERACT with others...socializing is very important.  Express your beliefs and listen to others!
  4. HELP OTHERS (it increases your sense of SELF WORTH).  Also, ask for help!
  5. Use a SOFTER TOOTHBRUSH (a healthy mouth is linked to lower risk of diabetes and heart disease). 
  6. SLEEP MORE (try for 7-8 hours nightly).
  7. MEDITATE: learn to accept yourself and focus your thoughts.
  8. Get SUNLIGHT:  especially during the shorter days of winter. Daylight LED light bulbs can also help. Take extra vitamin D as well (helps with bone strength, mental health, immunity, and blood sugar issues. 
  9. See DOCTOR regularly:  catch problems before they become major issues (eyesight, hearing, cancer and more). You must protect your eyesight and ability to hear and understand, so that you can communicate with others.