Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Chief Mark Foulks "LIVE" from Adams Place

Jan 06, 2022 at 09:19 am by Producer

MFRD Chief Mark Foulks

WGNS' Bart Walker was joined by Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Chief Mark Foulks. The Thursday morning edition of the Action Line was held “LIVE” at Adams Place on Memorial Boulevard. Foulks discussed winter weather conditions, driving issues on snow or ice and more.

  • Drive SLOWLY and do not get close to the vehicle in front of you. 
  • CHAINS make a difference and on fire-trucks, an automatic device places chains in-place while the vehicle is moving.
  • BEWARE OF FUTURE FLOODING: snow melts and turns to water, the ground is saturated, and later periods of rain can lead to FLOODING. Keep drains in the roadways clear of leafs and debris and you reduce the flooding problem at your home. 
  • GENERATOR SAFETY:  keep the units out of homes, best to have generators outside
  • WARMING-UP VEHICLES should be done in the driveway and certainly not in the garage. It is also important not to warm-up vehicles next to garage with the door open.