Winter Weather Possible This Weekend

Jan 13, 2022 at 10:09 am by Producer

There is the possibility for winter weather this weekend. The National Weather Service forecasters much of Middle Tennessee could see accumulating snow but with any winter weather here, a few miles could mean more or less snowfall.

The system will begin with rain on Saturday with a changeover to a rain/snow mix on Saturday night. Sunday they expect snow and sleet, becoming all snow by midday.


The NWS says although they're unable to know exactly where heavier snow will set up, it is important to let the public know there could be areas that receive substantially more snow (greater than 6 inches). Right now (Thursday), the area more favorable to see heavy snow is northwestern Middle Tennessee. But forecasters say there will be adjusting of the forecast and may not be able to pin the enhanced areas down until it happens.

So, the main message is "get ready for winter weather and possible major travel impacts, but understand these winter storms are difficult to predict and change rapidly. Even small changes in the strength and track can mean huge changes in real-world impacts".

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