Rutherford County Election Administrator Alan Farley on the air with WGNS' Scott Walker

Jan 31, 2022 at 09:06 am by Producer

Rutherford County, Tennessee Elections - 2022 

Tues. (Feb 1, 2022) Scott talks with Rutherford County Election Administrator Alan Farley about this year (2022) being a big “LOCAL” election year. In fact, we are just a few days away from some important filings from local candidates.

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Election Details for Rutherford County, TN:

• See the 2022 Election Candidate Schedule 
• See the 2022 Rutherford County Election Voters Schedule 
• Find your NEAREST Voting Center HERE 

More Voting Information for Rutherford County, Tennessee: 

• State HOUSE Districts
• State SENATE Districts
• Road Board Information
• School Board Information 

Need Contact Details? 

Rutherford County Election Commision
Phone: 615-898-7743
Fax: 615-217-7144


Rutherford County Election Office: 

1 South Side Square
Suite 103
Murfreesboro, TN 37130