Giving the Gift of Milk this New Year. Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford and the Milk Bank of Tennessee Team up to Save Babies’ Lives

Feb 11, 2022 at 12:24 pm by WGNS

Some call it liquid gold. Breast milk has many advantages in helping babies grow. It can build immunity and mature intestinal tracts, provide vital nutrients and hormones, reduce infections, and so much more. Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford is proud to announce they are now receiving safe, pasteurized breast milk donated by Tennessee donor mothers and pasteurized by the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Tennessee. This milk will be primarily used to save the most vulnerable babies in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit NICU.

Unfortunately, not all mothers can produce enough milk to sustain a growing baby, especially one in the NICU. Studies have shown that 40% of NICU mothers aren’t able to produce enough milk. One of the benefits of the Milk Bank being located in Rutherford County is how centralized Rutherford County is in the state of Tennessee. This convenient location allows for easy pick up from the milk depots (collection sites) and distribution of donor milk throughout the state. 


“As the NICU at St. Thomas Rutherford continues to grow, donor milk is one of the most valuable resources that we have available,” said Dr. Jason Parker, neonatal-perinatal physician at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Rutherford.  “We can give premature infants the best nutrition for them when mother’s own milk is not available. By using donor milk supplied by Mother’s Milk Bank here in Rutherford County, St Thomas NICU is giving our most vulnerable infants the best start in life by improving digestive health and tolerance at a very crucial time.”

Every ounce counts. With resources like Milk From Mother’s Milk Bank of Tennessee, moms can access these essential resources to enable their babies to survive and thrive. 

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