The Gold Scam for Gas Money Targeting Rutherford Countians

Feb 24, 2022 at 07:12 pm by WGNS

WGNS has another SCAM to REPORT that targets those who are attempting to fill their gas tank. For this story, we head to WGNS' Scott Walker in Smyrna, TN...


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Continued - Scams in Rutherford County...

The Smyrna Police Criminal Investigation Division is encouraging the public to avoid falling victim to a scam that has occurred several times over the past few weeks.

In the scam, an individual approaches a customer at a local gas station asking for gas money in exchange for gold or jewelry.

The unknown individual in the most recent scenario convinced one victim to withdraw money from an ATM machine. After getting cash out of the machine, the victim gave the scam artist money for what appeared to be real gold jewelry. Unfortunately, the "gold" was completely fake.

The police department is advising area residents to use caution when someone approaches you and asks for money. In fact, you should be careful in any situation involving a stranger asking you for money.

You should completely avoid withdrawing cash from an ATM machine when someone you don't know tries to involve you in a transaction of goods for cash.

It's best to resist the pressure of acting immediately because what seems too good to be true is just that... too good to be true.

If a stranger tries to persuade you into giving them cash for gold or jewelry, call and report the incident to the authorities.



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